Mandarin-Gear Copper Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker, 28 oz / 800 ml



✅  The best french press coffee maker in the market

     ✅  RUST FREE - We understand you. You want to drink a coffee in the morning without having to touch your rusty old french press. Our French Coffee Press is made out of copper, absolutely no rust and super stylish design

    ✅  HEAT RESISTANT BOROSILICATE GLASS - Tired of cheap french presses that break when you pour in boiling water? We guarantee - No breaking of the glass due to our high quality borosilicate glass.

    ✅  FDA APPROVED - Are you worried about purchasing a safe product? No compromise on material and quality. We use the highest quality material approved by the FDA. No chemicals or harmful material ever.

    ✅  TRIPLE SCREEN FILTERS - Like sipping some coffee grounds with your coffee? Neither do we. We guarantee, absolutely no grounds in your coffee with our triple filter system.

    ✅ QUALITY INSPECTED PRODUCT - Our products have been inspected by a reputable third party inspection company. Each product has been checked, bent and put under a durability and functionality test before shipped to you. No compromise on quality!

    ✅  PERFECT SIZE - This French Press serves 28 ounces or 800ml - ideal for 2 big mugs or 4 european size cups. Perfect for that quick coffee in the morning - no coffee goes wasted. 

    ✅  5 EXTRA FILTERS - We've added 5 extra filters for your convenience (total of 6 filters included). Use 2-3 filters at a time for no grounds within your coffee. Each filter can last up to a year even with daily use. 

    ✅  BEAUTIFUL COLOR - We love the copper accent finish! We looked at the available french presses in the market and we felt that copper was what it needed. You'll love the color on your kitchen counter and guests will ask where'd you get it! 

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