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About Mandarin-Gear

Mandarin-Gear was founded in 2014 as a consumer products company. Over the years we’ve built a portfolio of different online businesses. From Display Ads websites, to online courses and physical products.  

Mandarin-Gear was founded by Manuel Becvar, born Austrian who has lived in Asia since 2005. 

Our company is incorporated in Hong Kong since 2014. 

Digital Lovers

We love everything about the Internet. The thrill of building something online from scratch and reaping the rewards is what keeps us going. 

Over the years we’ve had multiple 6 figure exits with some of our businesses that we’ve built. And we will continue building them. 

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The Face Behind our Success

Manuel Becvar

CEO & Founder

Our Portfolio

Internet Businesses We Run

Below is a collection of our online businesses. 

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