Our Portfolio

An overview of the businesses we operate in

Digital Portfolio

Below you will find a selection of our online portfolio. We are constantly building online businesses with 4 more to be rolled out until 2025. 

Denying Gravity

Our flagship business. DenyingGravity sells altitude training systems.


AI Cataclysm

AICataclysm is a website dedicated to AI development, tools and more.

Survey Dojo

Survey Dojo is a website dedicated to finding the best online surveys for readers.

Free Legal Advice

Free Legal Advice is a website dedicated to educating the masses on legal matters.


Dreamdoc operates as the go to source for dream interpretations.

My Kitty Cat

My Kitty Cat is the online source when it comes to cat behaviour and other cat related topics.

Manuel Becvar

ManuelBecvar.com is the personal brand of our founder.


SHTFSchool is a website dedicated to survival, outdoor and prepping.


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